Monday, November 29, 2004

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There are times when I want to incorporate speech in a document or presentation. This means setting up the microphone recording my dulcet tones. An alternative is to use a text to speech converter. You can download a free version of Natural Voice Reader software from and, although the voices available are limited to the standard Microsoft voices, they are certainly acceptable for experimenting with using speech. Of the three voices available “Michelle” is probably the most acceptable, but this will depend upon your own taste. Apart from reading text the software will let you create a WAV file that you can then incorporate in a document or presentation.

And this software is fun for learners to use as well. They can try typing a few words into the window and listen to the results!

A word of warning though! The first time you open up the software make sure that your clipboard is empty and then uncheck the Read Clipboard Automatically box. You can imagine what would happen if you had a substantial amount on your clipboard!

Finally try clicking on Website in the Menu. You will discover that Natural Voice Reader acts as a Browser and will let you type in any website for reading. This is useful for Module 9.

Have fun!


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