Thursday, December 02, 2004

Only go here if you have an odd hour to spare!

Keeping up to date with the exploding e-learning field is not easy. One of the best sites I have come across is Jane Knight’s e-Learning Centre at

I visit this site a few times each week and always find something that will set me on a learning path. If you do nothing else today then follow the link and then click on
A-Z of e-Learning.

My favourite letters are:

D …….. Choose the “Using online interaction to break your addiction to classroom teaching” and then scroll down to the Sales Presentation Exercise. There are other exercises – all related to the Distribution Industry.

K………Keeping up to date. Choose “Guide to e-Learning”.

X………Examples. Follow the link to “Showcase”. If you haven’t the time to go anywhere else then go to “College and University e-Learning Showcase” and then try the “Physics Flashlets”. I’m not much of a planetary expert, but even I could see the effect of a Jupiter Slingshot! Pythagoras is good as well.

The only problem is that you will probably spend too much time in this site. But none of it will be wasted!


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