Friday, November 12, 2004

Photo Editor, Photo Editor, wherefore art thou, Photo Editor?

If, like me, you are a devotee of Microsoft Photo Editor then you will be sad to learn that it's been dropped from the 2003 version of Microsoft Office. This neat and user friendly picture editor worked well for the teams in ELNET, especially for those who were somewhat fazed by the idea of using Photoshop. We have had some fun using "Effects" to change photos into unrecognizable, but creatively stimulating resources.

But now it's gone! It has been replaced by Microsoft Picture Manager which does exactly what it says on the tin, but not a lot else. So we will have to go elsewhere for our fix of photo dabbling.

Or perhaps not. For anyone thinking of upgrading to Office 2003 it's worth choosing to keep the original version of Office. That way you know that you will always have access to Microsoft Photo Editor. You can if you wish uninstall the main components at a later date, but there will be no conflict. Alternatively, if you have already dumped XP in favour of 2003, then just go back to the original disk and navigate to the installation of Photo Editor listed under Office Tools. After all, you paid for it - so why have it taken away from you!

Then when you right click on the picture file in future you can choose OPEN WITH to use Photo Editor and play to your heart's content.

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