Friday, October 29, 2010

Excellence Gateway

Sometimes we forget the useful things in life, so just a reminder that there is a massive amount of material on the Excellence Gateway website.  Sadly it is not always easy to find it, so here are some of my favourite links.

The Ofsted Good Practice Database provides some of the best resources for improvement.  I particularly like the section on Actions for Qualilty Improvement covering the processes related to the Learner Journey.

The Subject Learning Coach resources are more difficult to find but the materials are still available here.The link will take you to the original "Blue box" content nd for more recent material try clicking on Recent Releases.  Incidentally the website for the SLC programme has moved and is now hosted by the Excellence Gateway.

Talking Teaching, Training and Learning is a useful activity based on 10 pedagogical approaches.  Again, difficult to find, but the trick here is to use the Quickfind service and scroll through the complete list of links.  You will find many other activities and resources that are useful for your CPD sessions.

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