Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Asus is still going strong

I have remembered that I have not reported here that I converted the Asus eeepc 701 to Windows so that I could use PhotoStory3 for training. I miss Linux, and I have severely restricted the on-board memory, but that is more to do with using MS Office than Windows.

So the configuration is now 4gb on-board with another 8gb SDHC which handles My Documents, all temp files (including internet) and all program files with the exception of Windows and Office. Currently running a 500 mb page file and have about 550 mb reported free space on the ob-board memory. I do not run Outlook - all mail is fed into Google while I am travelling.

I reckon the next step would be to get a dual boot going and use Linux most of the time. Open Office will sit happily on the SDHC unlike Microsoft Office which insists on sitting on-board. Any advice welcome.

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